Sunday, June 21, 2009

Upcoming Workshop July 2009

Figure Painting in the Studio

This figure painting workshop, presented in collaboration with the Center for Academic Study & Naturalist Painting, is an open enrollment course. Work side by side with professional artists and receive professional instruction.

Course dates: July 13 –18, 2009
July 20 – 25, 2009
July 27 – August 1, 2009
August 3 – 8, 2009

The course will run every Monday through Saturday, excluding Tuesday’s.

Prospective students are welcome to join us for one or all of the sessions. We will be using the same model and the same pose for each session, allowing for a 4 week extended study for anyone interested in a more deep exploration of the figure. The model will be clothed as well, with a staged backdrop, which will also allow for the study of drapery and composition.

The instructor is Ryan S. Brown

Fees for the workshop are: $150 to attend one week, $275 to attend two weeks, $400 to attend 3 weeks and $475 to attend all 4 weeks. Tuition includes models fees and daily instruction. Participants must provide their own materials. For questions contact:
Ryan S. Brown at or 801-822-8802.


Ariel said...

Ryan, terrific art here; your paintings are really beautiful.

Additionally, I must say that agree with your position concerning Academic Study and his benefits. Here in Argentina we suffer the same type of attacks.

Las question: The painting that start this post, is new? I don't remember it, and I think is stunning!

rsbart said...

Ariel, do I know you from somewhere? Where did you study art? Are there any good academies in Argentina? Do you have work I can see somewhere? Thank you for the compliments on my work. Which painting are you referring to, the one that start this post? Thanks for posting.

Ariel said...

Hi Ryan,
I arrive to your blog and to your art by the Rational Forum, of Graydon Parrish.
In Argentina, "modern" art rules the art schools... but fortunately, there are individuals ateliers that steel teach the office. Alejandro Boim, Lula Mari and Alejandro Rosemberg are my teachers.

You can look some of my works here:

(I need learn a lot!!)



courtneyb said...

I like your blog love cloe