Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My First Post

I have decided that I need a way to keep in better touch with all those artists out there who I respect. I have a million thoughts about painting, processes, methods, materials and so on, but not many people in my immediate surroundings to share them with. So I'm hoping to share them here and have this become a vehicle for the expansion of those thoughts.
So, to ease into it without getting too heavy right away, I just have to say that Cheezits are the best snack food for painting. I'm trying to cut down on soda, but Pespi sure does go well with the Cheezits.
Okay, now that I have broken the ice, maybe it will be easier to get in the habit of posting things on here (things of more significance I hope). Here's a photo to make this more interesting.

Plein Air in Venice


Emma said...

Wow Ryan, what a profound statement. Though I think I prefer the Oreos and milk thing. But anyway, cool painting; I'm glad you're excited for it.

Tiff said...

I LOVE Pepsi and popcorn! Cool blog.